Welcome to Scripture2Scripture.com. This name is based upon the belief that Scripture will interpret Scripture when personal bias is left out of the deduction. Whether symbolic, spiritual, literal or whatever the interpretative method, Scripture will not contradict when "rightly dividing the word of truth."

Jurassic Mark                                        $ 10 
"The Mystery of the Lost World"
The Jurassic Mark explains where the dinosaur fits 
into the overall scheme of God's plan for mankind. 
A different look then the current trend.

The Unveiling                                       $15
The Unveiling is a verse by verse study of the Book of Revelation covering every aspect of the book. A Must for every home library.

When Death Comes                           $10
When Death Comes offers answers to questions concerning God's Overall Plan for man;
the Inner and Outer man; the destinations of heaven and hell; suicide; the death of a child; cremation vs. burial; and much more. You'll want this book as a reference time and again

The Masonic - Christian Conflict Exlained    $10
Newly Updated and Expanded! This book is now in its fourth printing.The Masonic Christian Conflict Explained uses authorized Masonic documents to reveal Masonry's incompatibility with Christianity.


The Bridal Feast                                    $10
The Bridal Feast supplies a biblical explanation of the various emblems and practices of the Lord's Supper.